What accessories do you need for the guitar? Gift ideas

If you are starting to play the guitar and you do not know well what accessories you are going to need or if you need gift ideas for a family member, friend,… a guitarist or, we will try to give you some ideas.

List of ideas to give to a guitar lover

Spare ropes

A new string game always at hand

The strings break and always do it at the most inopportune moment. If you want the music to continue it is more than advisable to have a set of spare strings to replace immediately if any breaks.

Guitar picks

Resentful fingers will not be an excuse

If you are passionate about the guitar capable of playing for hours, it is convenient that you get several plectrums or picks. After a long time trying to find chords or composing your fingers may suffer and more when you do not have much experience.

If you have one of these pens you can continue playing until you are full. Also, with them, you can get different sound effects.


There will be no chord that resists you!

The nut is also known as Capo or Capotrastre, among other terms and is a very useful accessory to play the guitar and more when the same chord is repeated over and over again throughout a song.

Thanks to this element you can press the strings without having to put your finger on the neck, making musical interpretation much easier.

Guitar case or case

A wrap to protect your passion

Having a case for your guitar is essential. You will transport it to numerous places, the first one will be where you give classes, then maybe you will take it to the place where you rejoice with your group and later there where you start doing your first steps.

If you always carry the guitar protected, you will prevent many scratches of blows or small friction and will make it last longer. And not only that but also in case you can take your music books or sheet music.

Strap or tape to hold the guitar

Weigh what I always weigh with you

Going with the guitar everywhere can sometimes be quite heavy. If you have a strap it will be much easier to transport it. Also, if you make a slightly longer performance than usual, you’ll be more comfortable on stage if you hang it over your shoulder.

It leaves your hands free to dance or take the mic to show other musical talents.


The perfection of sound

You can indeed tune your guitar manually and currently, there are also “online tuners” that offer many websites.

However, if you want to save time by adjusting the sound of your guitar, we advise you to have a tuner, a device that is placed at the end of the neck to get the ideal sound on your guitar.


Time to keep pace

Time control is essential when making a guitar performance. This function is more easily achieved if you have a metronome, a device that helps you keep up with the rhythm that the song requires through a sound that varies as the song requires.

It is very useful for exercising and practicing the technique.

Guitar amplifier

The great effects of the speaker

If you play the electric guitar sooner or later you will want to have an amplifier. Its function is to amplify sounds (as its name implies) coming from the guitar through a speaker, better known as a speaker.

Thanks to it you will get frequency modification effects such as distortion of the notes.


In search of the exact sound

The cable is another element that functions as an amplifier in an electric guitar. The type of cable we are talking about will help you get the sound you were exactly looking for, connecting it from the guitar to the amplifier or other sound outputs.

Currently, there are analog and digital.


When the feet also direct

The pedalboard is another tool that is used to alter the sound of the electric guitar. This is controlled with the feet, activating and deactivating it leaving the musician hands free, although sometimes they can also be controlled remotely.

It gives you numerous effects both live and in-studio recordings.

Guitar stand

Waiting in the right position

There are to hang on the wall or also those that rest on the floor. If you have a guitar stand, it guarantees that the instrument is always well placed preventing it from being dragged, dirty or hit. There he will wait for you comfortably … until the next concert!

And that’s it, with these objects, they can give you a more complete experience in your musical life, so you already know what are the 11 essential gadgets to play the guitar.

Well, here are the ideas about what you will need if you decide to play the guitar (or if you want to make a surprise gift to a guitarist …)

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