The best classical music books of 2019

With so much information available from which to choose, it is very easy for you to be overwhelmed by the task of getting to investigate each work, one by one, to know what specific topic it deals with, and if it is what you need or is interested in at any given time.

Therefore, we will help you with a list of the most outstanding and interesting books, both for their quality and for their curious theme.

Some books on classical music

There are a whole series of books on the history of music on the market, to learn about it, with recommendations of pieces that we should all listen to, and even with anecdotes and curiosities.

The world of classical orchestra compositions accumulates information in encyclopedic quantities.

The following books are some of the most curious and interesting. These books can be a spectacular gift for any lover of classical music.

Stories of the history of music: a journey through the anecdotes of classical music, by Lawrence Lindt

This compendium offers you a pleasant and stimulating reading of curiosities and anecdotes that involve the most famous composers in the history of music, and the creation of their works.

It also details the most curious experiences of artists, while allowing false legends that the general public has come to assume as true by word of mouth.

1001 classical music records to listen to before death, by Matthew Rye

This book consists of an illustrated guide with great dedication in which you can find a long selection of the best pieces of classical music in history.

The curious thing about this scrupulously documented volume is that you will find among its recommendations from the most ancient compositions to others of very recent creation, studied and commented on by internationally renowned musical experts.

My first Mozart, by Severine Cordier

This fun and highly valued book with sound serve to bring young children closer to the world of music through musical pieces of the most popular figures of classical compositions.

In each of its double pages, the search for the small reader of the button that will activate the musical piece is proposed as a simple game.

While listening to the recordings, you will enjoy watching the striking and beautiful illustrations.

The complete guide to classical music (great themes), VV. AA

This guide has been made with an impressive collection of full-color photographs.

In it, you can read more than 300 biographies of classical composers, a detailed analysis of the most important works, and all the information that exists about the instruments used, the musical genres and the different styles.

In addition to explaining the general terms, it will also help you to know the specialized terms in a simple and very clear way.

You will find information about the history of music, from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and even to the present day.

Classical music: 101 fundamental questions, by Annette Kreutziger-Herr, Winfried Bönig, and other authors

The various authors of this book write and coordinate in 101 questions the important and expert work done by several members of the Higher School of Music in Cologne.

In this way, the book sheds light on the most important issues that every person deserves to know about these types of compositions and their history.

Stories of music and musicians, compiled by Marta Salís

This book is an interesting anthology of short stories and novels, texts that are starring musicians or in which music is an essential component of the plot. The works you can read here belong to the last two centuries of literature, although it is true that in its description it specifies that most texts have been written in the twentieth century.

The stories have to do with more musical genres than classical music, but the proposal is so interesting that we thought it deserved a mention in this varied list. Also, the stories are of very different gender and style, so at no time will you know what kind of story you are going to find .Buy now

The classics also sin: the intimate life of the great musicians, by Fernando Argenta

This book devised by the famous popularizer responsible for programs such as «The concert» or «Popular Classics», invites you to approach the private life of the great composers of classical music.

Combining historical rigor with a tone of humor, in this book, you will discover how the classical masters lived, where their inspiration came from, what their hobbies were, and all about their most jealous secrets and their sentimental vicissitudes.

With this selection of books classical music, you’ll learn more about this kind of music in a fun and hands of experts and passionate authors on the subject. Which one will you start with? Do you want to give us your opinions about what you have read? Do you want to recommend a classical music book that is not on the list?

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