The best brands of electric guitars

Choosing an electric guitar is an extremely personal process, with many aspects to consider before making a decision and disbursing a considerable amount of money on your new instrument.

It’s not just about choosing an instrument that looks pretty (although this aspect is still relevant).

One of the many aspects that you should take into account when choosing your electric guitar is the brand.

List of the main brands of electric guitars


It is impossible to talk about quality electric guitars without mentioning Gibson: they are the brand that gave life to the iconic Les Paul. Although they are not the largest guitar company, their quality is second to none.


If the price is an impediment, the Epiphone brand, owned by Gibson, offers very good instruments with excellent value for money.


The heavyweight of electric guitars: they record more instruments sold worldwide than any other instrument manufacturer. His iconic Stratocaster, the guitar of choice of musicians such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix is a milestone in the history of electric guitars.

PRS Paul Reed Smith

With a long-lived tradition much less than its competitors, even more, the recent market introduction that the Stratocaster, the electric guitars of Paul Reed Smith, has managed to pierce deep into the industry. Renowned guitarists such as Dave Navarro and Carlos Santanaopt for the instruments of this brand.


The Japanese brand of electric guitars stands out from other Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha for its monumental impact on the world market. His series of RG electric guitar introduced in the 80s became one of the best selling guitars of that period, and they still stomp today.

Guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Paul Gilbert have all signature models with this brand.

These are some of the best brands of electric guitars available in the market today with which great masters have starred in the best punctuations in history.

However, always remember that the instrument does not make the musician: if you are just beginning to develop your skills, you will not necessarily need the best electric guitar, or perhaps that is not the best electric guitar for you.

The experience will eventually tell you.

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